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Babel (2019)

for Mixed Choir (SATB)

Duration: ca. 6’

Based on a poem by Edward Einhorn.

Written for Choral Chameleon during the 2019 Choral Chameleon Institute.

La vojaĝo (2019)

for Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Violoncello, Piano and Percussion

Duration: ca. 5’30’’

Written for the Ensemble Offspring during Noosa ISAM.

MA.RIM.BA (2018)

for Marimba & Live Electronics

Duration: ca. 5’30’’


The Boy Who Wanted to be a Robot (2018)

a Chamber Opera for Soprano, Two Mezzos, Tenor, Baritone and Ensemble

Duration: ca. 24’

Libretto by Edward Einhorn.

For a video recording of this piece, please contact me directly here.

Nymphus: Mithraic Initiation Rite Number Two (2017)

a Short Opera Scene for Mezzo, Tenor, Baritone and Piano

Duration. ca. 7’30’’

Libretto by Edward Einhorn.

Multidão - I. Primeiro (2017)

the first act of a Monodrama for Countertenor and Mixed Ensemble

Duration: ca. 14’

Libretto by Nuno Cruz.

@ctb.exp#1 (2017)

for Solo Double Bass

Duration: ca. 3’30’’

Commissioned by RTP/Antena 2 for the 31st Edition of the "Prémio Jovens Músicos" Festival.

Buy the score here.

Flor (2016)

a Music/Dance performance for Flute, Violin, Cello, Double Bass, Piano and Electronics

Duration: ca. 4’

You can preview the score here.

Contos da Criação: Lilith (2016)

an Oratorio for Narrator, Soprano, Baritone and Small Wind Orchestra

Duration: ca. 25’

Libretto by Nuno Cruz.

¡¿Lamento?! (2016)

for Flute, Oboe and String Quintet

Based on Henry Purcell’s “Dido & Eneas”.

Duration: ca. 7’

You can preview the score here.

Contraditório (2015)

a Music/Dance performance for Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello and Double Bass

Choreography and performance by Jessica Silva & Mara Morais.

Duration: ca. 4’

Introspecções (2014/2015)

for Flute, Clarinet and Bassoon

Duration: ca. 9’

Prjkt.Hrp (2015)

for Harp and Live Electronics

Duration: ca. 8’

You can preview the score here.

Eu não sei… (2015)

for Baritone and Pipe Organ

Duration: ca. 4’30’’

Poem by Duarte Cruz.

8-bits of Music (2014)

for Solo Harpsichord

Duration: ca, 14’

7 (2014)

for Amplified Soprano, Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello, Piano and Woodblocks

Duration: ca, 4’30’’

Flip Point & Obsession (2014)

for Solo Piano

Duration: ca. 5’30’’

You can preview the score here.

Óvaadasac (2014)

an Acousmatic piece

Duration: ca. 3’

4 Pequenas Peças para Piano Solo (2013/2014)

for Solo Piano

Duration: ca. 4’

Tributo a Masashi Hamauzu (2012)

for Solo Piano

Duration: ca. 5’

Aurora de Um Novo Dia (2012)

for Mixed Choir (SATBB)

Duration: 3’30’’

2 Prelúdios para Guitarra (2008/2010)

for Solo Guitar

Duration: ca. 13’